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Based out of South Texas, Arzalez, has uniquely produced an intimate sound with respect to many cultural influences. His debut album "El Mismo Dicho En Mis Palabras" introduces his range of musical styles that connects each song and story. As the only writer, he expresses every detail in each of his arragements. With a combination of classic and modern sounds, Arzalez consistently pushes the technical boundaries for all audiences to experience. Portraits by Christian Moller. 




Oye Chano is the first single for Arzalez's upcoming sophomore album. Where his debut album introduces the artist and his dramatic past, Oye Chano emerges from it with a hopeful stand that speaks for the entire new album. Oye Chano is a powerful anthem inspired by many rhythmic sounds which have influenced future generations. Viva Musica! 


Photographer: Ruben Cortez

Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Piano / Greg "Arzalez" Garza
All music written by Arzalez